Social trading can be extremely beneficial when it comes to trading financial markets. Experienced traders can earn additional income by having followers on our platform that replicate their trading strategy. On top of their own trading profits, they can receive a commission from the followers that are replicating their trades.

Beginners can mimic the trades of more experienced traders, having the chance to learn and benefit from their success. They only have to choose their favorite trader to copy on our platform and automatically copy their trades on our platform.

  • Copy successful traders from around the world
  • Hassle-free investing service & portfolio management
  • Highly rated 24/7 customer service
  • Globally regulated & licensed


Social trading has become one of the most in-demand services in the trading industry. It can be highly beneficial to get started in the financial markets, along with many other advantages.


With Social trading, beginners can simultaneously earn while they learn in the financial markets by following more experienced traders through our platform. They can earn profits while replicating their trading strategy and positions, getting faster information about market movements.


Trades are completely automated, meaning users can reduce the time they spend in front of a screen. Additionally, copy traders will save time to learn as they are gaining knowledge from the decisions of more experienced traders.


Social trading helps to diversify an investment portfolio. Rather than focusing only on a specific instrument, social traders can reduce their risk by copying the trades of multiple traders that are trading other asset classes. All our products are available on our social trading platform.


Just like a social network, social trading is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Traders can share their ideas, information, and news while entering into a variety of potential collaborations with other traders across the globe.

TRANSPARENCY’s Social trading platform provides a great deal of transparency. Traders can see exactly how other traders are performing and how much profit they are making. Users have access to our Leaderboard, where we rank our top traders based on their performance. Copy traders can choose which traders to select depending on the publicly displayed statistics. At the same time, the traders that gain followers will earn a commission for allowing others to copy their trades.


  • What is social copy trading?

The social copy trading platform allows investors to follow professional traders and copy their trades. When the professional trader executes a position, investors will have this position copied into their accounts.

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  • Can I become a provider and a follower at the same time?

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